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24e Fitness Opening Third Location In Old Trussville Food World Site In Late January

POP: Fitting fitness in this fall: Cold weather no longer an excuse

By pre-enrolling at their preview center located at the old Verizon in the same shopping center, members receive a substantial discount over the regular rates offered when the club is open," a 24e press release stated. Since 2007 we have been looking for the right location in Trussville, Robertson said. While it has taken the better part of the last six years, our team was finally able to http://www.juneaunewsupdates.com/4100-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_jnu.html find the location we wanted at the former Food World. We are excited to be able to deliver the type of product area residents have been asking for and help revitalize downtown Trussville. For more information, visit www.24efitness.com/contact-24efitness.
More: http://www.al.com/business-news/birmingham/index.ssf/2013/11/24e_fitness_opening_third_location_in_old_trussville_food_world_site_in_late_january.html

Fit Links: Nutritious Pumpkin Treats, Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Fans And More

Patryk Bielawski, a biology senior, said he has noticed a decrease in the number of gym goers during the colder months, but does not think there is a direct correlation with gym attendance and weather temperatures. In regards to the JC on UKs campus, I think a students workload in class has a direct correlation with their attendance at the http://investor.afghanistannews.net/newsnet.afghanistannews/news/read/25347725/ gym, Bielawski said. Bielawski who has attended a number of CrossFit gyms, notices attendance doesnt fluctuate at regular gyms as much as on-campus gyms during the seasonal changes. But you are also dealing with adults who have set schedules, more or less, rather than students who are always running around trying to find the balance between work and play, he said. UK wellness specialist Andrea Deweese said as uninviting as the weather may be, winter workouts may not only help students maintain physical fitness, but can also help students maintain emotional health.
More: http://kykernel.com/2013/11/08/fitting-fitness-in-this-fall-cold-weather-no-longer-an-excuse/

Crunch debuts digital on-line fitness for just $9.99 a month

Athleta Revelation Pant Head over to http://investor.morocconews.net/newsnet.morocconews/news/read/25347725/ Well + Good for Winhoffer's butt-toning workout. All you need is a chair, towel and yoga mat. Looking to really push it in your next workout? You need a combination of the recent and the old-school to keep up your speed.
More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/08/fit-links-november-8_n_4234311.html

The Crunch Live class videos give http://investor.newzealandstar.com/bnn.newzealandstar/news/read/25347725/ everyone the opportunity to experience the diversity and range of our offerings no matter when or where. With CrunchLive users can personalize their own content, bookmark favorite class videos, create customized lists of assorted videos based on goals or interests, and post completed workouts on personal social media pages. "The Crunch Live website has been designed to reflect the in-gym experience. We want users to feel that that they are a part of the Crunch community and we want them to be able to participate in a variety of Crunch workouts through a fun, easy to navigate and customizable online experience, says Christina DeGuardi, Crunch Senior Vice President of Marketing, Branding and Communications. Crunch is offering interested a free week of Crunch Live access at www.CrunchLive.com . For more information on Crunch and to find a club near you, go to www.Crunch.com .
More: http://www.examiner.com/article/crunch-debuts-digital-on-line-fitness-for-just-9-99-a-month

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